Museum Sharing Session


What is museum?
Museum is a building which objects of historical, artistic, scientific, or cultural interest are stored exhibited. Our hobby is travelling. So, we like to go everywhere in this world include museum. We will explore that place. There are some museum that we went there which are Kota Kula Kedah Museum, Kota Kayang Perlis Museum and National Textile Museum.
This is the Kota Kuala Kedah Museum. The museum is very big and have many kind of old things especially during colonization. There are some equipment such as “Parang” and “Sabit” that used during British colonization. This place also very clean and beautiful. So, we can explore many things together. When we go together, we gain more knowledge because there are a person in charge that will guide us.
Next, this is the place where the soldiers will hide from enemies. During 1945, we was defeated by British. So, this is the fort for soldiers during that time. This is also known as Armed Forces place.
Then, this is a lighthouse. The government offices was built the fort including this lighthouse when Kedah was under British rule.
Lastly, this is a cannon. This is use to fire the enemy during back days. This cannon we can touch it and see its colour which is brown and look old. Nowadays, it is hard to find the cannon. In addition, the interesting thing is that the entrance fee is free. We do not need to pay anything to enter this museum. Not only on that, it is also provide the transportation services for people that would like to come here.
The second museum is the Kota Kayang Museum that located in Perlis. The fact is, this is the oldest man-made canal in Peninsular Malaysia. However, for this museum, there are the interesting part which are they have three galleries. For the first gallery is about the general gallery that chronologizes the building of Fort Kayang about the Perlis aristocrats. Next, the second gallery is an archaeological gallery display the Kota Kayang research. Lastly, the gallery is about a Kedah and Perlis gallery exhibiting the royal family tree. Not to mention, the entrance fees also free.
The last museum we visited is the National Textile Museum in Kuala Lumpur. The last museum is very different from others because it is about textile which is clothes. There are so many clothes and batik that had been used back days. The interesting part is, we can see what the clothes that used by others ethnic such Iban in Sarawak. Then, there are cotton clothes and beautiful batik. It is very nice and easy to wear. We experienced to see the old clothes that cannot be found other places. In addition, the staff also friendly! So, we decided to go again later.