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velkommen, hei, and salutations to my webpage, website, homepage, etc., otherwise known as beetletee. do you enjoy pointless rambling about a wide range of topics that don't concern you/you don't care about/you don't know about? do you fancy black and white "minimalist" layouts? do you want to learn from terrible, crappy coding? are you less prone to click off a webpage after seeing a video game, for example, that you and a million other people know about and love? are you looking to meet a new person over the Inter-Webs? then this site is for you!

i am currently in the progress of redoing this page again (for the hundredth time), so don't expect anything to be done for awhile. i have a decent amount of content planned/in the works along with a cooler looking layout, so i guess you could expect that? i'm planning on making more art of my Original OCS™, but due to an upcoming art block it'll be awhile. until i actually stop being lazy and do something, feel free to browse through pages i have, or check out some other sites on your way! (you know, since 88x31 buttons are the only way to navigate this hellscape, it seems. plus they look cool!)

hasta la vista, baby! ha det!